Why haven't I been writing regularly?

Simply put I've been working like crazy!

Two amazing things have happened to me this last month and laying the groundwork that has made them happen has been super stressful, rewarding and time-consuming:

  1. I've gotten permission to write a scientific methods paper on all of the work I've been doing this last 6 months
    • I have since written that paper (with a lot of vital help! without which I would have gotten nowhere)
    • It's in a drafting stage and waiting to get feedback, hence I have time to write this!
  2. I applied for and received a research grant from the Genetics Society to do research on QTL mapping of the very phenotypic traits my methodology measures and generates.

Hopefully, I can write more on these soon when more information is not under wraps!

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As a computer scientist, I have always listened in amazement at the seemingly magic things that biologists have told me and thought up a million questions.  Most prevalent in this, is how do DNA, RNA and cells actually work? Where do they come from? Why do we talk about having X chromosomes and yet sometimes refer to DNA as a big long string of AGCT. These are the things that torment me. That make me feel like a small child who has walked into the crazy world of wall street. Information flying everywhere and people yelling incoherent sentences that make me stare in amazement. All the while wondering 'how do these people know what's going on, where is the logic, where does it begin?'.


Well folks, that is my grand question.

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