Hello everyone who has the misfortune of reading this!

I'm Nathan, I'm a software engineering student with an interest in all things software, AI, robotics, game dev, music and rubik's cube related!

This blog is for me to publish any thoughts and ideas that I have about interesting things! Soon I should have a few tutorials and explanations up of some things I've learnt and feel can be easier explained. I'll also be talking about my experiences on my industry placement this year.

Come June I will be working at the NPPC (National Plant Phenomics Centre), specifically in their robotic greenhouse. I'm absolutely thrilled about this as getting a chance to work anywhere near research is a dream come true for me.

I'll try to keep this blog as updated as possible with things I've learned, tutorials and ramblings

As is customary for anyone living in Aberystwyth, here is a picture of the seafront 

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