Turning Emacs into a helpful Haskell IDE

I imagine I'm like a great many programmers who feel they learn best by just jumping straight into writing some code. The issue with this: I am a lazy programmer and I like to make my development environment do all of the work! And therefore I encounter an issue where if I don't have a smart IDE I start to make huge mistakes that take forever to spot.

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Compared to a lot of software engineers I've not been programming long but 8+ years is long enough to get into some pretty horrible habits. The worst of which I managed to shake off only a few years ago (a crippling dependence on MS Visual Studio).

Once I got serious into wanting to become a better programmer I started hopping around editors and Integrated Development Environments. I stuck for a long time on the JetBrains suite that covers the languages I use most (Python, C/C++, SQL and *shudders* Java). JetBrains produces some amazing tools which made me feel far more powerful in programming that Visual Studio ever did. It made everything I wanted to do so easy:

  • Linking libraries? Done
  • Adding cross compiler functionality? Done
  • Simple Git Integration? Done
  • Generating tags and hoping around large systems such as the Linux Kernel? Done (and quick to boot!)

The point being that a good IDE makes the world of difference to those of us who write software!

A few months ago I stopped using all these IDEs that I depend upon and love so much...

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