Building Prototypes for the PLANT LIFTER 9000


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I haven't had the chance to write a decent post on my current IY for a few weeks, I would say unfortunately but not so as I've been having a blast!

I've been  getting to play with all sorts of hardware that I had no idea about until recently. I got to spend a few days researching methods of creating movement through electronics, magnets and pneumatic (not the thing you get from being too cold, I made that mistake too).

The gif (pronounced with a hard G) above shows one of my little contraptions that  I was extremely excited to build.  It mostly took me a bit to interpret how the wiring of our actuators matched to the inner coils, after that it was 6 wires to a H-Bridge and 4 pins to the arduino to give signals of direction essentially. Here's the code I've been using as a super simple demo just to test the wiring is working (If you haven't played with an Arduino then go get one, super cheap, super easy, super open-source electronics)

I should have probably mentioned by now that there is an actual point of these weight lifting devices, as I mentioned in previous posts load-cells are generally ill-suited to continuous weighing, particularly in environments where the conditions don't like to stay the same. I am attempting to design a cost

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