Of hosepipes and load-cells gang aft agley


Good news for this week! I finally have a good data-set of those pesky load-cells to start doing some analysis on to see if I can find a cure to their drifting

SPOILER: Haven't found a [decent] solution yet!

I have made some pretty graphs though:

Screenshot from 2016-07-12 15-26-34

These are some of the data-sets that I've gathered in order of appearance: Air temperature, Load-Cell temperature and Weight read by the cell.

I made these graphs by doing some wizardry in Octave (because I'm too poor for Matlab + Stallman would judge me) here's the function I wrote for it:

I am however eager to gloss over this load-cell malarky as there's not much new since the last few rants but hopefully a solution will present itself soon and I can rant about that in detail!

The other exciting thing that Jason and I have managed to procure and wack together is this little example for a possible revamp to the watering systemDSC_0056

I feel the need to point out that this pipe is cool! It can adjust height and well just in general be cool because Jason and I are doing it ourselves!

Still working on a few other ideas for this but it is nice to get the overhang out of the way! And let the plants praise the sun!

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