Well this week has been fun!

We started with one of the IBERS researchers bringing round 81 plant pots (pretty hefty ones at that, 6kg each) to the Gravi greenhouse. This meant it was time to setup them all up on the weighing benches (yeah those ones I posted about last time). Once all in position it was time to test the entire system to see if all 81 plant pots would be watered and weighed correctly...

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I've spent the last few days having a crazy, fun-filled, packed, hands-on introduction at work at the NPPC! I literally got started here with running tests, inspecting systems and patching old codebases.

Mainly I've been playing around with, the now a few years old, Raspberry Pi model B's. They're super fragile and hate being tampered with. That's meant that a lot of my time has been testing devices, checking images are not corrupted and re-imaging SD cards.

These Pi's are all part of a large system which controls an automated watering and weighing system for the use with various experiments. Getting this system into a usable state has been fun, but there is quite a bit of urgency as a new experiment is due to start in under 4 days!

One of my little side missions is to test the automated scales that we are using.

These numbers above show some readings I've set up to be taken every minute. I used a known weight of 2Kg and you can see that over time the quality of the scales are diminishing. Which when you play to do this over months... THIS IS VERY VERY BAD FOR SCIENCE EVERYWHERE!

A somewhat longer term project on this that I am hoping to work on is to revamp this system. Currently it is written entirely in Perl which in itself is quite an oddity. I would love to rewire all of the Pi's in use (15+), move them to be closer to their scales they handle and the water they control. I also plan on upgrading these to possible the Pi 3 as they are much more stable and power efficient (due to sleep modes, and handling of random power cuts). Additionally rewriting the software to make use of Python and more friendly clear to understand code, as well as maintain the documentation for it would make me very happy indeed!

Hopefully I will get to update my progress on this again soon!

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First off thank you to Stephen Welch who inspired the code examples in this section.

So in part 0 we looked at the general idea of how a Neural Network could work, it's now time to build upon that theory and actually start something cool.

What will this cover?

This article will be covering the basics of setting up a [dumb] neural network. This will be done in Python 3 with the numpy library (if you don't have a working environment set up check out this).

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Machine learning is great, it's hip, cool and learning to implement your own is a great learning slogg adventure

So that's what I'm going to do, and I'm going to essentially tutorialise my understanding in neural networks in order to teach anyone interested in how to produce an original example network (examples will be in python 3).

This first entry in the series is going to cover the theory and make sure that it is cemented, before attempting to write any code or analysis any kind of data.

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I love, Artificial intelligence, Programming, Non-linear Puzzles.

Put these together and you can have an insane amount of loneliness fun!

I'm talking about the traditional 3x3 rubik's cube problem.  The best part about this puzzle is that there is so many possible combinations, possible states and methods for reaching the goal of 6 faces, each with a singular colour.

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Hello everyone who has the misfortune of reading this!

I'm Nathan, I'm a software engineering student with an interest in all things software, AI, robotics, game dev, music and rubik's cube related!

This blog is for me to publish any thoughts and ideas that I have about interesting things! Soon I should have a few tutorials and explanations up of some things I've learnt and feel can be easier explained. I'll also be talking about my experiences on my industry placement this year.

Come June I will be working at the NPPC (National Plant Phenomics Centre), specifically in their robotic greenhouse. I'm absolutely thrilled about this as getting a chance to work anywhere near research is a dream come true for me.

I'll try to keep this blog as updated as possible with things I've learned, tutorials and ramblings

As is customary for anyone living in Aberystwyth, here is a picture of the seafront 

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